How The Bar Became The Panty Bar!

by | Mar 13, 2021 | Hotel Bar, Panty Bar, Paternoster Hotel | 2 comments

Johan and Giorello Carosini standing behind the bar in the Panty Bar

In 1974 Johan Carosini started the collection of honeymoon panties in the hotel bar. The popularity of the Panty Bar grew along with its collection of women’s underwear and it soon became a legendary landmark on South Africa’s West Coast.

Sadly, the vast collection of panties was taken down in 1983 after it was reported to the police as an ‘unholy practice’. Police official Basson, who confiscated the panties, was thereafter humorously referred to as ‘Panty Basson’.

Although losing so many lovingly donated panties was a tough moment, the Panty Bar came back stronger than ever. Not to be deterred, Giorello Carosini started collecting again in the 1990s. Regular donations ensure the tradition continues to the amusement of visitors from all over the world.


  1. Lenie Perold

    Dit was altyd n hoogtepunt vir my. Almal soontoe verwys. Johan n lieflike persoon altyd vriendelik en hardwerkend.

    • Elmare Carosini

      Hallo Lenie

      Johan was verseker ‘n unieke mens en altyd vol grappies. Ons mis hom baie.

      Hoop ons is nog jou hoogtepunt – kom kuier gerus! Ons is besig om stuk stuk verbeteringe te doen aan die Hotel sonder dat die karakter verander. Dit is ‘n tydsame proses, maar gaan baie mooi wees as dit klaar is.

      Elmare Carosini


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