The original building was built in 1863 by the Paternoster community with limestone from the area.

In those days it was the local gathering place with shops and a holding cell. The Dining Room was used for dances and Church services and the Function Hall was an open area used by the local farmers to store their harvest.

In 1940 the Tollman family bought the building and converted it into a Hotel which they sold to the Sanks family in 1948 before they immigrated to England.

The Tollman children returned to South Africa in 1997 and donated money for the building of the Paternoster Community Hall.

Dawie Walters bought the Hotel from the Sanks family in 1957 and had 3 managers until he sold it to Paternoster Fisheries in 1965.

In 1970 Hendrik de Goede bought the Hotel business from Paternoster Fisheries and sold it to Johan Carosini in 1973.

Johan and his wife Wilna with their unique style of hospitality transformed the Paternoster Hotel into a well known business.

In October 2002 Johan welcomed his eldest son Giorello as co owner.
Paternoster Hotel -
Paternoster Hotel -